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Module "My Video"

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Like an online school. and the sale of video circuitry to ordinary people (an analog of all membrane suites is only a difference in the engine, convenience and the absence of any payments in the future for such functionality)

The module runs on the Opencart engine and ocStore 3.0 and higher .. it has not been tested with the pro version.
It works well with the standard template and other templates. But it may require a separate configuration.

1. Install FixPath.ocmod.zip (this is necessary to be able to create controllers with modules; in open map 3, the module installation functionality was cut)
2.Upgrade modifiers
3. Install VideoInProduct.ocmod.zip
4. Update modifiers
5. Go to the module and there activate the module "Video in products"
6. Go to the editing module and change the status to "Enabled"
7. You can use the module

Only moment
You can fill in the title and link on a line, but you need to put a comma at the end of the line, you can not put a comma on the last line, I'll fill in an example of filling in a screenshot.

There may be conflicts with the module simplified basket (being repaired) and Easyphoto (fixed) ..
Works great with opencard module simplified basket Simple 4.9.7

Installation and support is carried out only on 1 domain .. you can install on another domain, but support will be only on 1 domain. And after verification personally. Part of the funds will be used to support my project with prosthetic limbs for animals.

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